About us

We are decision-makers and leaders.
Developers and finders of solutions.
People with energy and a sense of sustainability.
We are masterminds and visionaries.
We are team y.

Team y

Together, vysion und myssion consulting are expanding our range of consulting services to include the topics of the future. For this purpose, we use our many years of joint expertise to manage resources consciously. We see ourselves as the driving force for a better future. Team y is dedicated to a common goal: We enthusiastically support our customers with their projects. Trust forms the basis for working together. We offer security and continuity to make further development possible.

WHY vysion consulting gmbh

vysion consulting is a young company with a lot of history and skills. We combine our consultants’ many years of SAP experience with a large network of partners. As an international specialist in SAP® BRIM®, we support companies in their digital transformation and the successful implementation of new business models. With a wealth of ideas, sustainable approaches and an expert team, we find solutions and modernise your products and services.

What sets us apart as a team


Nothing stands between us and our customers, not bureaucracy nor complex processes. We work quickly, efficiently and with high quality results.


We feel it is our responsibility to use all natural resources consciously.


We combine years of successfully working for our customers with solid process and SAP consultancy skills.


We offer our customers direct contact and fast, uncomplicated access to the required know-how.

Long-term investment

We invest in our partnerships and look after our customers, their solutions and projects in the long term.


We are true to our word and our agreements.


We are an owner-operated company and our work is solid: you can rely on us.


We are not the largest company but we are large enough to committedly and successfully complete our customers’ tasks.


Mutual trust and the resulting team spirit are our WHY. The importance of a variety of talent in a well-established team and how this works in our customers’ favour, expressed in high-quality solutions, guarantees sustainable added value.

With a strong focus on our common future, we set ourselves real challenges, constantly keeping a watchful eye on the economic parameters in order to find the right balance. Our methods are characterised by a high degree of reliability in solving complex tasks, targeted communication and the use of the latest sustainability strategies. We have our fingers on the pulse. We use innovative technology to design resource-saving processes. Treating each other with respect is the basis of any form of cooperation. We want to take careful steps to a better future and grow and develop further with our team, in our projects and as a company. A clear direction is important in order to remain authentic and solution-oriented.

Big ideas need strong implementation. You can count on us, you can plan with us because we know WHY.

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