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To answer and solve the complex issues of our time requires as diverse a team as possible. Together we meet challenges, make the best possible use of our team’s talents and thus offer our customers greater added value. Our conviction unites us and forms our “raison d’etre”, our WHY, in our direction and gives our work purpose. We have been able to prove our motivation in a number of projects.

We are known for finding solutions to complex process requirements, designing innovative processes, supporting ambitious projects, devising sustainability strategies, as well as implementing an efficient billing and accounts receivables management system. In other words, everywhere that wide-ranging expertise with a clear focus is required.

Team y – big ideas need strong implementation.
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The Why factor

Based on our goal of having a positive impact through our commitment and our high level of confidence in the skills of our employees, we develop new processes and specific solutions. Openness to new ideas shapes our corporate culture. The personal trademark of our strong team spirit can be seen in our work.

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Skilled teams provide the prerequisite for mutual success.


As we understand it, trust is the consequence of continuous positive cooperation and is the basis of a successful partnership.


We are convinced that using the available resources consciously is the main task we face in our times.

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Incorporate your strengths and be part of a successful team.

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Our experts come from a wide range of disciplines. In our blog, Team y wants to show how we can impress you with our know-how.

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Do you want to help shape the future?

At vysion consulting we know that you want to make your company stable for the future and in the face of new challenges. To achieve this, it is important to make processes more efficient and ensure the best possible use of resources. Currently, the greatest challenge for companies is above all the complex market requirements that demand technological progress and holistic solutions.

How can the issue of sustainability be established? How can current problems, for example in logistics, invoicing etc. be overcome using the available resources? In short: how do you become a technological pioneer in your industry? We understand the pressure of not being able to keep your finger on the pulse because the speed of development is getting faster and faster.

Adaptability and the ability to react quickly are essential characteristics for a future-proof company that can meet the demands of the market. Together, we will create your company of the future through digital transformation and by implementing resource-saving solutions which make your everyday work significantly easier.

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